Paul Clinch is a Remedial Massage Therapist with over 30 years experience. 


Established since 1998, Paul offers combined experience in remedial, sports, pregnancy and complications in breast feeding massage, as well as pre and post operative mastectomy and lumpectomy massage.


Paul is totally professional in dealing with all his customers and treats them with the utmost care and consideration.


He is there to help clients enjoy and maintain a more sustainable quality of life through his treatments, and is there to support his patients in a holistic manner to provide mental, emotional and physical expertise with respect to health and wellbeing. 


Over the years Paul has Developed a specific technique aimed at promoting and maintaining healthy breasts in all women. 


THE CLINCH TECHNIQUE, evolved over many years treating patients with chest complaints and asthma, focusing on releasing chest and intercostal muscles to allow chest expansion which then allowed unrestricted breathing.


While treating women for asthma it was observed that many had swollen lymph glands in the axilla causing fluid retention in the breasts.


Paul went on to study current research on the lymphatic system and combined with his extensive knowledge and experience, it became clear to him that combining breast drainage with the asthma treatment he had developed, resulted in healthier breasts with increased breathing capacity. 


THE CLINCH TECHNIQUE has now progressed into the treatment of mastitis in breast feeding mothers, which to date has shown excellent results if caught in the early stages.


This technique is constantly being improved to encompass all forms of breast issues.


THE CLINCH TECHNIQUE is a much needed treatment in this neglected area of care. 

All women will benefit from this innovative and potentially life saving treatment.




Paul Clinch

Diploma in Remedial Therapy

Diploma in Therapeutic Massage


27 years year experience.

12 year as a Senior Therapist to the

Australian Swim Team.


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