• Mastitis(Adenitis & Cellulitis)

  • Breast Feeding Challenges e.g. milk supply & flow, blocked ducts

  • Ante Natal Breast Care

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Painful lumpy breasts

  • Fibrous tissue in breasts

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Breast check for early detection of suspicious lumps

  • Prophylaxis for reducing the risk of breast cancer

  • Lymphodeoma

  • General ongoing maintenance of breasts

  • Pre & Post operative  breast care for Mastectomy

  • Scar tissue due to surgery and radiation for breast cancer

  • Pre & Post operative breast implants issues.


These treatments are beneficial to women of all ages.





All treatments are at the following rates:


1 hr Treatment $85       ------    1/2hr Treatment $55

(subject to change without notice)



Registered with all major health funds:







                 Gift vouchers are available upon request.


Carlene D.

I was referred to TCT by John Flynn hospital after being admitted with a bad case of mastitis. As I had a bad history of mastitis it was important for me to be proactive in preventing repeated infection. Paul was very professional throughout the treatment. He worked on both my breasts. I developed further tenderness a couple more times  and saw Paul again which stopped a full blown infection which aleviated the need for antibiotics. My experience with TCT was very positive and I fell confident that my breasfeeding issues have been resolved. 


Brooke I.

I devloped Mastitis in my left breast with my 2nd baby in my 4th week. I went to see Paul and he noted that I had developed scar tissue from having had mastitis with my first bub. He worked on both breasts and the surrounding area and noted that I had lumps on both sides. After treatment both breasts were filling up equally and now feel totally different to before seeing him. The change is amazing and I would deifintely recommend him to anyone who's had a bub for breastfeeding as most wouldn't suspect they had any lumps. 


Yvette S.  

3 yrs ago I had breast implants after having had 2 children. 

After seeing Paul and having a treatment both of my breasts felt a lot softer and I am now pain free. I also noticed a dramatic decrease in fluid around my underarm area. My breathing improved straightaway and my ribcage is expanding and contracting again. I used to have to sleep with my arms above my head so that I could get a good breath while I slept, however since seeing Paul I no longer have to sleep this way.

I felt really comfortable during my treatment and found Paul completely professional and also very considerate of my needs. It was a very relaxed environment and I felt that I could openly talk to Paul about my experiences and problems that I was concerned about. 

I would strongly recommend this treatment to all women as I have already received so many benefits from having the treatment.


Delma G


I had my left breast removed in September, 09 and had radium treatment for 30days once a week. I went to Paul and had immediate relief from soreness and swelling. I also regained shoulder movement after he worked on my scar tissue and lymph. Without Pauls support I would have struggled with the radium treatment from which I do not suffer any after effects. Paul's own experience with breast cancer and his assurances carried me through and helped me regain my self confidence.


Melanie G


I visited Paul in August 2010 for mastitis. My breasts were very tender and there was very little milk flow. After my treatment with Paul, my milk flow really freed up and has been great ever since. My breasts were very soft to touch and movement was freed up immensely. The hard lumps had dissappeared and my breasts sat more naturally. I found Paul to be very professional and was very comforatable with approach and treatment. Everything was explained well.


Vanessa K

I suffered from Mastitis in Sept. 2010 and was treated by Paul. My breasts after treatment were much softer and freer, also my breathing relaxed and I felt that I would be able to eventually stop supplementing with formula. There was an immediate increase in volume and milk flow from the treatment. I had an excellent and professional experience.


Sandy B

After a mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes, I had pain around the scar, fluid build up under the arm and limited mobility in the shoulder. After my first visit with Paul I experienced a marked reduction in the pain and increased mobility in the shoulder. Further TCT treatments has reduced the fluid under the armpit and has allowed me to resume many activities that prior to sessions with Paul were impossible.

Julie F

I was referred to Paul by a lactation consultant at the Mater Mothers' Private Hospital a few days after my baby was born due to feeding issues and the onset of mastitis. 

Paul fit me in on an urgent basis and removed the mastitis easily and quickly, before it had progressed to the stage of needing antibiotics. I was able to breastfeed until I chose to stop when my baby was nine months old.

Ever since, I have visited Paul regularly for both breast massage to detect any early onset of cancer and asthma treatment. I hardly ever need my inhaler anymore. My asthma has greatly improved.

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